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    Accounting collaboration

    Businesses and their accountants working on the same data set.

    No more duplicated entries, unnecessary printing
    and waste of time.

    Collaborate and contribute to achieving the goal
    of accurate and up to date accounting records.

  • What is Registrator Platform?

    What is the problem we are solving and how do we do it?

    Learn how we help businesses and accountants in running a successful, efficient and accurate business data flow process.

  • Accounting software integrated web shop

    Setting up and running a web store has never
    been easier and more cost effective for a business.

    With Registrator WebShop, products are pulled out
    of the accounting system
    and all the transactions from the web shop
    are automatically registered with the accountant.


Efficient, accurate and automated. This is how we see the use of business data today.

Our set of on-line business tools is bringing accountants, businesses and end users to one common platform and one data set.

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    User friendly visual design

    Great Work Experience

    You will find the work environment of our products very familiar and easy to use.
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    Cloud based

    Data safety

    You will never worry about your data storage. It's on-line and always available to you.
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    Easy navigation

    Easy to find what you're looking for

    Our products platform offers a large set of functionalities but you will easily find your way around.

Registrator platform integrated solution

The problem and the solution

In today's Internet connected world, where business data should be distributed, synchronized, updated and accessible at any time, we still have the situation where accountants and their clients work on separate software solutions and two different, disconnected, sets of data.

This way of working is highly inefficient and it creates great data discrepancy and wasted resources.

Bringing accountants, their clients and end users to use one platform and one single data set is our first and most important goal.

Another problem that Small and Medium Businesses (SME's) experience is difficulty in entering the world of e-commerce, selling through an on-line shop. Many find this venture expensive, complicated and all together intimidating.

With our family of products, we bridge these gaps and allow SME's to use the full power of the on-line world to run a more efficient and more profitable business.

We provide the following fully integrated products and features:

  • On-line accounting
  • On-line shop
  • Document cloud storage integration
  • Social media integration

Why choose us?

We are providing state of the art software services that, for the first time, give Small and Medium enterprises the true power of integration, automation and cloud storage of their enterprise platform.

For the fraction of the cost, businesses can now benefit from the business software features that were, so far, only available to large companies.

  • Automated


    Transactions are registered in the software system at the accounting office and available to all participants in the business process through different applications.

  • Integrated


    All systems have one single data storage center and this is the accounting office. Through secure channels, Registrator platform applications exchange data and send and receive business transactions.

  • Distributed


    Registrator platform is a system of distributed applications available to users wherever they are.

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